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The Veranda at Thornton Park: Cultivating Community and Celebration

It is with great honor that since 2022, we, at Verax Investments, have been entrusted with the stewardship of one of the most iconic community event spaces in Orlando, The Veranda at Thornton Park. Since acquiring this historic property in 2022, our mission has been to grow our impact on the local community by opening our doors to a wide variety of events and experiences, including cultural gatherings, community festivals, marketplaces, sports events, performances, team-building exercises, and celebrations of all kinds.


This journey has been both a privilege and a responsibility, as we navigate the balance between preserving the rich history of The Veranda and fostering a vibrant, inclusive space that welcomes the diverse tapestry of Orlando's community. Our commitment to this mission has led to an exciting evolution of The Veranda, making it a central hub for creativity, connection, and celebration in Thornton Park.

The Legacy Continues

The Veranda at Thornton Park is not just a venue; it's a living piece of Orlando's history. With its inception rooted in the early 20th century, the property comprises colonial-era buildings that stand beneath century-old trees, embodying timeless elegance within its four beautiful courtyards. Our recent acquisition and ongoing commitment to this property underscore our dedication to preserving its rich historical significance while ushering in a new era of community engagement and celebration.


A Hub of Diversity and Culture

Today, The Veranda at Thornton Park is celebrated for its unique diversity, hosting a wide array of events that reflect the vibrant tapestry of our community. From weddings to corporate retreats, live music to cultural festivals, and everything in between, our mission is to create memorable experiences for all who step through our doors. Our array of venues within The Veranda, including the Pink Pool Cottage, Orange Cottage, Blue Summerlin House, and the 111 Summerlin House, each offer their unique charm and versatility, making every event distinct and special.

Innovations and Celebrations

Our commitment to enhancing The Veranda's role as a cornerstone of Orlando's event scene is unwavering. We have introduced several new initiatives and features to ensure our venue remains at the forefront of hosting memorable and diverse events:

  • Pink Pool Cottage: An idyllic spot for bridal parties and baby showers, offering privacy and elegance.

  • Orange Cottage: A historic, 125-year-old home providing an immersive experience for those wishing to stay amidst the action.

  • Blue Summerlin House & Honey House Vintage: A blend of modern living space and vintage charm, perfect for unique stays and experiences.

  • 111 Summerlin House: A versatile space for workshops, meetings, and more, fostering creativity and collaboration within our community.

  • Oasis Healing Spot: Located upstairs, offering a tranquil retreat for mind and body rejuvenation.

Accolades and Recognition

Our efforts and the unique charm of The Veranda have not gone unnoticed. We are honored to have been nominated by Orlando Weekly for "Best Wedding Venue" and "Best Event Venue" in Orlando, a testament to our team's dedication and the memorable experiences we provide.


A Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, we envision The Veranda at Thornton Park continuing to serve as a beacon for community, diversity, and heritage. Our backyard open mic nights, held every 2nd Thursday, invite talents from all walks of life, further cementing our commitment to being a platform for cultural expression and community gathering.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has been a part of The Veranda's journey. Your support, love, and participation have been instrumental in making The Veranda at Thornton Park not just a venue, but a cherished community space. As we move forward, we remain committed to celebrating our heritage, embracing diversity, and creating unforgettable moments for everyone who joins us at The Veranda.


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